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Frequently Asked Questions 

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The proposal shows a link between the Stag car park and the access to the new housing development. Will the link be suitable for cars?

Yes, this link will be suitable for cars 

What has happened to the B&B facilities mentioned in the meeting? They are not referred to in the graphics. Presumably they are still part of the proposal?

Yes, these are still part of the plans, we will be uploading further information on this element shortly

If this proposal were to go ahead, what is planned for the pub? Would it have full, limited or no dining facilities? Would it form part of any proposed B&B? How would the interior be configured, and how would it be designed so as to upgrade its facilities but preserve the essential and unique character which many feel is in danger of being lost for ever? 

There will be limited dining still available. Improvements to the pub relate to back of house and limited alterations to the bar area.

What exactly is the current proposal for Ford Cottage itself? There is clearly an outline idea, but the angle from which it is drawn makes it difficult to ascertain the intentions for:-

(a) materials

(b) design

(c) purpose and 

(d) scope of the proposal. 

The proposal for Ford Cottage is café and rooms and access to the Blacksmiths Farm shop.  Further information for materials and design will be uploaded shortly.

The plan shows a ‘café’ on the Ford Cottage site. Would this in fact be a licensed restaurant serving full scale meals? There is also mention of a 'cafe garden'. Is this what it says, or a beer garden for the pub?

Ford Cottage would serve meals. The café garden is as stated (not a beer garden)

Are the graphics a faithful interpretation of the proposed building materials for the courtyard?

The courtyard buildings to be brick, timber and pantile but likely with black solar panels

How would the proposed developments make a positive contribution to the environment?

Ford Cottage will be an access point to the rewilding zone, which will allow connection to the local environment as well as a new parkland creation in Chuchfield 

At the other end of the scale, what are the proposals to mitigate the negative effects of odour, noise and light on the neighbourhood, the wider natural environment and endangered species? (Odour, noise and light have all been issues in the Abbey Farm development)

Ford Cottage will have;

•    A Semi-enclosed courtyard

Garden situated away from the village housing

New access drive

All of these will help mitigate the concerns raised above. 

What measures will be taken to safeguard the River Nar and surrounding SSSI (A serious pollution issue occurred in the Abbey Farm development)

There would be improved drainage as part of the development. In addition, no gas / oil to be used 

Are there current or future plans for Stag Cottage and/or its garden? The graphic appears to have removed the boundary between Stag Cottage and the pub car park. The garden of Stag Cottage also appears to be flattened. These are things which have not previously been mentioned and are a cause for concern. (This may all be an oversight due to basing the graphic on Google Earth or similar, but it does give the impression that the rear of Stag cottage has a thoroughfare to the pub – which might suggest that the property will be proposed as an extension of the pub and/or its car park.)

There are no plans for this at this time 

The artist's impression appears somewhat distorted. What exactly is the orientation of the proposed workshop? In graphic 1 it appears to directly face Stag Cottage but to be set back a little distance from the highway boundary. In graphic 2 it appears to be orientated towards the end of the Stag and rather closer to the highway boundary. 

The workshop building will be parallel to the northern boundary

As neighbours we are concerned about the nature of the 'workshop'. What exactly will be stated in the planning application for this so that it conforms to the description given in the public meeting – and, importantly, continues to conform in the future?

The workshops space is to be for quiet, concession units 

Additionally, what is the distance of the proposed workshop from our boundary at Talents House, and what, if anything, is proposed for the rear of that facility? (You mentioned at the meeting that the intention was to preserve the green space between the two properties to maintain privacy and for the abundant birdlife it attracts, and we’d be grateful for more detail about that)

There is to be nothing behind the buildings other than garden. The workshop space would be no closer than 5meters no closer than 5 meters